Be Pain Free Naturally



You have reached where we help you learn to "Be Pain Free Naturally".

Pain comes from many different factors which include surgery, accidents involving automobiles, slips and falls, over burdening while lifting, and many other causes. 

Generally speaking, when a muscle is stretched out too far it will be the one in pain.  In most cases, this is the one that almost all other therapists will work on with deep tissue techniques.  These pain locations are commonly called "Knots".  It is our opinion that these are the locations that should "not" be worked on.  As a result of this philosophy, concentration is given then to the opposing muscle groups.  This allows the muscle in pain to contract back to its intended length which then relieves the pain.

Our goal is to not only "treat" you but to "teach" you as well. This is done with specialized training in stretching and exercise techniques that allow the body to relax.  We believe in Perfect Posture and will show you how to obtain it without the typical multiple required visits.

In most cases, you will have three treatments spaced out over a three week period and then for the sake of maintenance, repeat one massage per month to fine tune and correct your posture.

You are going to love your experience with us. After all, you will learn to "Be Pain Free Naturally".